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I-RECs certify the generation of electricity from a range of sources, including hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and solar. Certification enables energy companies and consumers to be certain of the nature and origin of the energy they purchase. I-RECs provide a valuable revenue stream for generators, directly rewarding them for every unit of sustainable energy produced and helping to pave the way to a Clean Economy.

Our electricity products

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Production Facility owners or their agents.

In order to have I-RECs issued, Production Facility owners or entities acting on their behalf should register as a Registrant with the responsible I-REC Issuer in their country. Being a Registrant enables the registration of Production Facilities with the Issuer and the submission of requests for I-REC certificates.


I-REC traders and market players.

In order to trade or redeem I-RECs market players, traders, or consumers can become a Participant and hold accounts on the Evident Registry. They can redeem certificates on their own behalf, or on behalf of their clients, and can trade certificates with other Participants.


Energy consumers.

Any individual or organisation can purchase I-RECs for their sustainability reporting. When redeemed to an end user (or Beneficiary), an I-REC is uniquely and permanently allocated for their reporting. An End User can either choose to be a Participant or contract with an existing Participant to manage this service on their behalf.


Auditors and verifiers.

Evident’s work is supported by Issuers, all accredited to the International Attribute Tracking Standard, who independently audit information and issue I-REC certificates for electricity generated from sustainable sources, a key role in the transition to a Clean Economy.


Regulators and ministries.

Evident works with governments and policymakers to create robust, credible certification standards that encourage transition to a certified, global clean economy. I-REC has been designed to allow for interaction between both voluntary and compliance markets.


Journalists and researchers.

If you are a journalist or researcher and would like to learn more about Evident and our role within the global Clean Economy, please contact us.