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Natural Gas.

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, natural gas remains part of the energy mix. Evident has partnered with MiQ to deliver their pioneering quality standard for the use of independently certified gas (ICG). Together with MiQ, we provide the data needed to drive change on global methane emissions.

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MiQ works with operators across the full supply chain.

MiQ Certification enables operators to credibly demonstrate their commitment to reducing methane emissions. Evident is the Registry Operator for MiQ Certificates.

Methane Tech Providers

MiQ is partnered with a wide range of technology partners.

Operators can work with a wide range of technology partners to achieve MiQ Certification, ranging from methane detection to data solutions, equipment providers, analytics, and audit prep and implementation.

Gas Buyers & Traders

Gas buyers and traders can purchase MiQ’s Independently Certified Gas.

MiQ has created a market for gas buyers and traders to purchase Independently Certified Gas and trade MiQ Certificates which represent the environmental attribute of MiQ certified gas.


Independent third-party auditors are at the heart of MiQ certification.

Independent third-party auditors are at the heart of MiQ’s certification system – providing an honest and detailed assessment of operators’ performance.

Regulators & Governments

MiQ is designed to be adopted by regulators or governments.

MiQ Certification provides a credible, enforceable certification standard for methane performance that can help meet and substantiate regional and national climate and emissions targets.

Financial Institutions

MiQ’s data-led grading systems help financial institutions make credible assessments of operators’ methane emissions performance.

MiQ Certification provides transparency on the methane emissions performance of investments to assist in ESG and climate risk evaluation and reporting.